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I am on Methadone Program. Do you think my Baby will be Ok?

6 February 2010 32 Comments

I had a baby 6 days ago i was on the methadone program, Medical professionals who cure opioid habit also have the choice of utilizing ‘medication-assisted treatment’, and the commonest medicines included in the treating of opioid dependency these days are methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine. Many people are not able to avoid opioid dependency. They require help to change their believing, habits, and surroundings. Regrettably, “giving up cold turkey” carries a bad effectiveness – less than 25% of individuals have the ability to stay abstinent for a twelve month.

This is when medication-assisted treatments like methadone, naltrexone, and Suboxone help sufferers in remaining alcohol free although decreasing the negative effects of methadone withdrawal and minimizing cravings which can result in relapse. its been 5 days and she is still in the hospital but doctors said she is doing good she is not withdrawing if she hasn’t showed anything yet can it still show up 6 days later.

Methadone is surely an opioid and it has reined supreme type of medication-assisted strategy for opioid habit and dependency for longer than Thirty years. Methadone for treating opioid dependency is just provided by federally-regulated treatment centers that are quite few and unattractive for many individuals. Additionally, research has shown that involvement in the methadone program increases both mental and physical wellness, and reduces fatality rate (deaths) from opioid addiction.

Like Suboxone, when used effectively, medication-assisted therapy with methadone suppresses opioid alienation, obstructs the results of other issue opioids and decreases cravings.  Naltrexone is definitely an opioid blocker that’s also beneficial in treating opioid habit. Naltrexone prevents the euphoric and pain-relieving outcomes of narcotics and many other opioids. This kind of medication-assisted therapy doesn’t have addicting attributes, doesn’t create physical dependency, and tolerance will not develop. Not like methadone or Suboxone, it’s a number of drawbacks. It doesn’t control alienation or cravings.

Consequently, numerous individuals aren’t inspired enough to consider it regularly. It can’t be began till someone is from all opioids not less than fourteen days, although numerous individuals cannot preserve abstinence in that waiting around time. Also, when sufferers have begun on naltrexone the chance of over dose death is higher if relapse does take place.



  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (author) said:

    Whoa, ask your doctor, not Yahoo Answers….

  • mmtpatient said:

    Hi there. I understand your concern for your baby, but first I want to tell you that you did the right thing. It is so much safer for your baby for you to be on methadone than to be abusing drugs during your pregnancy.

    I had my second son on methadone. I was able to get down to 35mg a day and he also did not show any signs of w/drawals after his birth. He did have problems w/his blood sugar but it was only because I had gestational diabetes. He did not stay in the hospital more than 3 days and they monitored him VERY close.

    He is ten years old now and he is doing fine! He is an active boy, on the A honor roll and shows no problems at all from the methadone.

    I do agree that you need to share you concerns w/you doctor and/or your counselor at your methadone clinic. If the doctor is saying your baby is fine and not showing any signs of w/drawals, then DO NOT worry about it. You will be having enough stressed without asking for more.

    One other thing I think helped was I breast fed my son for a bit after he was born and gradually slowed it down to formula. They said he prob got some of the methadone through the breast milk which may have helped him from having withdrawals.

    Now that does not mean that there CAN’T be complications from methadone during pregnancy, because there can but again, if you doc is saying your baby is not showing any signs of w/drawals and it has been six days, then more than likely it will be fine. If there was going to be signs of problems, you would have seen them starting within 24-36 hrs after the baby was born.

    Good luck and don’t beat yourself up!

  • Getta (author) said:

    I hope and pray your baby will be just fine:)

  • heinrichs3 (author) said:

    she has a tumor, she is gonna die.

  • Twin Mommy (author) said:

    I hope so too. But really, the doctors is the best to ask.

  • Deacon Blues (author) said:

    What the hell are you doing here when your baby is in the hospital?

    …and how do you keep from being eaten by predators?

  • blue_eyes_1_ (author) said:

    Hopefully your daughter will be fine, but this is a question that you should be asking your doctor.

  • ?pink? (author) said:

    why would you have a baby when you do drugs dont you know that its not good for a baby some ppl

  • katelyn_brookes_mom (author) said:

    maybe next time you start to do drugs you will think about that poor baby laying in the hospital fighting for her life
    you should really be ashamed of your self
    Ill be praying for her and you should start doing a lot of it yourself

  • sasa (author) said:

    will pray for ur daughter …hopefully she gets better soonnnnnnnnnn

  • katybug_1984 (author) said:

    Well, instead of putting you down, I have to say congrats on going through the program. It takes a lot of willpower to do such a thing as get help. I also say congrats on having a baby, and wanting to do the best thing for her by having a healthy mom who is a good role model around! Your baby will be just fine! I think you’ve received your second chance at doing things right!
    And another thing, I understand that you can’t be at the hospital all the time. Some people just don’t get why.

  • mami3jc (author) said:

    Are you sure YOU are still off the pipe?

    What kind of mother asks these types of questions to random strangers on the internet while her little baby is in the hospital?

    My advice, don’t breastfeed if you are going to be hitting the pipe.

  • mediocre_poet (author) said:

    have you asked your babies doctor what the odds are of her having a delayed withdrawl?

  • jmj1096 (author) said:

    sounds to me like she will be ok. You should stay with the program, this baby has made it here against all odds it seems. There must be a reason why, maybe God found it the only way to lead you back to a drug-free life. Don’t turn your back on this opportunity and good luck with your new baby.

  • nikki40380 (author) said:

    We all need to pray for her, I hopw she comes thru just fine.

  • sparkling_apple (author) said:

    I think your smart for at least giving your baby a chance. Good for you to enter the program.I won’t judge you or put you down. I have seen mother’s who snort cocaine right before they have a c-section. I think your baby will be fine. She may show some withdraw symptoms later. Trust your Dr. Also try and stay clean, if not for yourself,do it for your baby girl. Pray on it and don’t worry. I know it must be hard for you but you have gotten this far, don’t give up. Go be with your baby, she needs you more now than you know.

  • georgemi74 (author) said:

    24 hrs n counting.ur time is almost up.everything will fine.PRAY.

  • krystal (author) said:

    learn a lesson from this, your child will suffer the consequences of YOUR actions. your baby is fighting for her life because YOU chose to make STUPID decisions, hopefully that will make you never go back to drugs.

  • pjt (author) said:

    Don’t worry about people being critical of your asking this kind of question on Yahoo. It’s never wrong to seek support. Listen to your doctor and pray. If you have a local church, ask them to have members pray for your baby, even if you don’t have a local church it doesn’t hurt to contact churches in your area. Your baby and your family will be in my prayers.

  • oreoflava (author) said:

    First of all, congratulations on participating in the methadone program. It shows that you were caring and sensible enough to do what you could do for the sake of your baby, given your circumstances. What you did took willpower, determination, and faith in our higher power. So, again, hats off to you. Do keep up this momentum and stay clean–afterall, you now KNOW than YOU CAN DO IT, BECAUSE YOU JUST DID! Know it and believe it–He has already given you the strength, accept it as your birthright. Secondly, congratulations on your baby. Surprisingly, babies are tremendously resilient–and, the fact that your baby has made it through the perilous journey of gestation, and the doctor has assessed that the baby is doing well and showing no signs of withdrawal, shows that odds are in it’s favor for a continued clean bill of health regarding withdrawal and any adverse effects should she experience any symptoms. Now begins the even more difficult part of YOUR life, as you are now responsible for another life–you have the opportunity to shape this child’s life and make it a positive experience or a miserable, unthinkable one. Make yourself and your baby proud. I believe you can. Stay positive, set goals for yourself, surround yourself with people who will help you stay clean, and behave yourself to wellness (that is, even if you don’t feel positive, do everything you need to do to reach that positive state, and it will soon manifest in your life). Even when you feel YOU CAN’T, GOD CAN. Remember that this is not a dress rehearsal. This IS your life, and you can’t relive any of it. So make every moment EXACTLY what YOU want it to be–its YOUR CHOICE. Continued blessings to you and your baby.

  • Linda M (author) said:

    to your question about your baby on the methadone program. yes i think your baby will be ok. it will take some time for your baby to get the meth out of your baby. it will be going through withdrawls and that takes time. they say, babies have a very good chances if the mother was a user. even if the doctors say your baby is not going through withdraws thats why they are keeping your baby too. for i could and they want to be on the safe side. your baby will be home soon. i hope you don’t go back to the meth. give your baby a mother that it needs. good luck.enjoy your beautiful baby!

  • allkoei (author) said:

    Your baby’s doctor will be able to tell you way more about your baby. You should be asking as many question as possible to the doctor. Good questions are:

    1. What are, if any, the long term effect on the baby of methadone treatment?

    2. Are there any signs/symptoms I should be looking for when baby goes home?

    3. Is there anything I can do to give my baby the best possible longterm prognosis?

    Those are just a few of the questions to ask the doctor. And just remember that being a mother is an exhausting process. If you start feeling overwhelmed talk to someone. Don’t try to cope alone, because you think you have to. Stay calm and in treatment for your sake and the babies.

  • tyggerspaws (author) said:

    ask your doctor honey….i’m going to say congrats on going through the program and getting clean..good job! and congrats on having a little girl. i hope she’ll be fine..i’ll keep her in my prayers for you. ignore these people who are putting you down. they have NO idea what you are going through.

    and Good luck in your future..your going to have a hard time..but you can do it! stay strong for you and your little girl.

  • sinlgemother (author) said:

    i just want to say everyone makes mistakes, and everone deserves a second chance to make things right, congratulations on your baby girl, and try to stay strong, cause being a parent can be stressfull but its also very rewarding, i hope your baby turns out OK.

  • peaches (author) said:

    She will probably be fine. Congratulations on your little blessing, maybe this is God’s way of helping you to straighten up even more. Be proud that you are trying and are in recovery. A child can make all the difference. I hope you have some good christian people to help you. I will keep you and your baby in my prayers. I understand that you are worried. Sometimes Doctors talk over your head which makes it all sound like giberish. Whereas, on here it is usually real people . Ignore the nasty comments. Seek guidence from a church family not these losers. You are recovering that takes work as well as a newborn. May God Bless you and give you the strength you need. Get involved with a church and try to attend anytype therapy like NA or whatever, sign up for early head start if they have it there. It’s a good program. Keep the Faith. Put Jesus first in your life and you will never have to worry about anything ever again. God Bless you and you baby.

  • meanbrat1982 (author) said:

    Don’t listen to heinreich 3 he knows nothing, If she has not shown signs she probably won’t… I will pray for her..
    Please email me @ I can try to answer any ?’s u might have.. I Think she will be ok.

  • strawberryjenn_ca (author) said:

    Talk to your Doctor and take care of yourselves!

  • beautiful_blonde_2k said:

    WOW! How can you people be so mean about this when you probably know nothing about methodone. I am having a baby in a week and I go to the methodone program also. I had my own perscription and did not know I was pregnant until I was two months and my doctor said that I can not just stop cold turkey or I canhave a miscarrige, so of course I did the methodone program. Everyone who put her down should shut up because we actually did the best thing we could have done for our baby. My doctor is the one who told me to go there. Your baby will be perfectly fine girl!! Doctors have dealt with many babies addicted to methadone and it sounds like your baby is very lucky not to have any withdrawls!!! I knwo you have had her a while ago so please update me with news onhow it went about. I am worried about that too. My e-mail address is beautiful_blonde_2k@yahoo.com.

  • amy young said:

    i have had some of the same questions my self. i am due in a few days and i am worried about him going through withdrawl from the methadone. But what i do know is that the doctors and nurses that work in the hospital are great, they know what they are doing and your little one will be fine. I know because of experince i had my twin boys almost 8 years ago (no methadone) but they where very small and not well when they were born, and to watch those nurses and doctors is amazing to me they are truely Gods people. and all the people who get on here and talk there nonsence like they know whats best for the world F**K them. they dont know what you have had to deal will. you did the best thing for your baby and congrats.

  • Cindy T. said:

    I too am pregnant and in the Methadone program.I had been on Methadone for a while and got my life back together and right as I was starting to detox,I found out I was pregnant.I worry soooo very much about what will happen,I’m not that far along but all I do is worry,worry,worry.Which I know is not good also but its only natural.I am so afraid something will happen and I know that if it does…..I’m the one to blame.You and your baby will be in my prayers,please keep me in yours. Cindy

  • Foster Mom said:

    Actually, I have been in a NICU for the past 40 days with a baby born to a mother on Methadone. It is the worst hell for these babies. Just imagine the withdrawal you should have or would have gone through had you not had your methadone, and that is what the baby is going through. They aren’t comfortable in their own skin, its horrible to watch them suffer. Then you can look forward to severe learning disabilities, and other significant heath issues for your baby.

    If you are taking drugs and can’t stop then take birth control. It isn’t better to be on Methadone {actually it can be worse} than taking drugs. But how hard is it to actually get a depo shot, or other “easy” form of birth control that you can get at the Methadone clinic? Is it because you don’t like gaining a few pounds, or how it makes you feel? Well all I can say after watching this child suffer is “SUCK IT UP!”, a mother will do anything for their child, and that includes not having them to begin with.

    If you don’t believe in terminating if you did get pregnant rather than take birth control, well then you can plan on your child suffering, being in significant pain and distress, and a long list of problems for years to come {life time effects}. The detox they go through is just the beginning of a long life of hell.

    Don’t fool yourself your baby IS SUFFERING, if a doctor tells you otherwise he is lying!

    I do understand addiction is something that very few are able to fight successfully, and try many times. Just please prevent a pregnancy before it happens, you need to be healthy before having children, and have better chances of having children that are healthy and not addicted. Methadone is a drug, just because its government sanctioned and a doctor prescribes it doesn’t mean it is good for a baby.

  • mommaseeta said:

    Every baby is different. There are no long term effects of using methadone during pregnancy. I to had a baby while on the program. My daughter was born healthy. Had a 4 day hospital stay and went home without any medications. I found that once nurses know that your on methadone, they have a preconcieved notion of how the baby will be. Suddenly if the baby cried, or sneezed i was automatically withdrawls, well hello newborns do sneeze, there clearing there passages from birth, and hello they do cry. Funny thing is when we were on the maternity floor her “finnigan scores were 12. Then in the matter of 1hour we were tranferred to the pediatric floor, her score was a 1. Now if my baby was really in withdrawl. The score would not drop that dramatically!. Soo i strongly believe that the nurses do have preconcieved ideals about “methadone babies” my pediatrician was not impressed when he seen the scores. He sat with me for 45 minutes waiting and watching for the so called 12 on the finnigan scale. He said she was NOT in withdrawl at all. My hospital experience was horrible i hated the nurses on the maternit ward. They made me feel luke a damn junkie, which by any means i am not. I am a l.p.n, currently back in school to get my R.N. Nurses are supposed to follow certain guidelines regarding how to treat methadone patients. Well let me tell you, most of them let there own personal judgement get in the way of providing quality patient care. Sad to say,from a nursing standpoint. But this was my own personal experience. Every baby is different. I hope that your baby is ok, and dont let them scare you into thinking any different. I do know alot of other babies born on methadone who now are in there teenagers and who are straigt a student and not developmentally delayed.

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