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Is it a sin to go to the Methadone clinic?

15 February 2010 22 Comments

I’m just trying to clean my life up and this is the only thing that has helped me to do that. But I’d like to know if people think it’s a sin for me to go? I don’t need your opinion if you only think methadone is not a good program!

A medicine user commonly has an excuse for starting up using specific chemical. Even though some users have ban prescription drugs for example marijuana or cocaine, utilized to relax or enhance energy in certain situations, other prescription drugs which can be obsessive could be sleep aids or pain relievers helpful to self treat for pain or any other difficulties. Repetitive usage of prescribed or non-prescription medications must be monitored since it is still possible to blow up completely to addiction, in which the medication is needed and urges or withdrawal signs and symptoms take place if the substance is not accessible.

Substance abuse signs are varied; however they are the identical no matter the chemical which is abused. When the craving starts to take control of your living, then you’ve begun along the direction to dependency. Habit alone is recognized as a disease, which is curable. Among the toughest areas of healing a habit would be to recognize that there is a problem but it requires dealing with, especially as one symbol of craving has been secretive concerning the misuse and hiding it from those people who are near you.

Tolerance is a kind of symbol of dependency, in which the quantity of the medicine that is required to achieve the exact same impact comes up, it, is really an earlier danger signal towards the user themselves. If you are going through any type of withdrawal signs and symptoms whenever you do not use the medicine, yet again this is usually an indication that you simply should not neglect. The signs of withdrawal consist of nausea or vomiting, sleeplessness, sweats, trembling, trouble sleeping or nervousness.

Leaving hobbies or exercises that you just employed to get familiar with, and changing you’re living and routines so that they revolve around drug abuse is an additional regular symbol of an ever-increasing problem. For those who have lost control such that you are taking the medicine more frequently than you need to or else you get it though it may be causing unwanted drug side-effects then the situation is getting critical and you ought to think about having support when you have not already.

Men and women all around if you notice changes in the manner that you simply behave, for example depressive disorders, moodiness or fits of anger. Ignore of the obligations, like your work or perhaps your kids have been often an indicator of substance abuse or addiction. This may lead to challenges on your own lifestyle likes questions regarding your capabilities from your employer, lack of buddies and fights with the family or partner.

Oscar if you only disagree with the methadone program then I don’t need your opinion but if you legitimately think its a sin go for it you know what forget about what i said all opinions please


  • Bek (author) said:

    It shouldn’t be a sin to clean up your life. You’re fixing your life and deferring from a life of sin using drugs.

    Methadone is an excellent program and I wish you well.

  • Spelling Bee-otch (author) said:

    No, sinning would be harming yourself or others (from my atheist point of view) and seeking help at a clinic would not be harming yourself.

  • jdstga (author) said:

    If you are honestly trying to get well than how could that be considered a sin? Good Luck!

  • Uncle Meat (author) said:

    Your helping yourself to be a better person.

    Good for you.

  • Reign S (author) said:

    Don’t worry what people may think if it truly helps you. The decision is between you and God. You know if it’s right or wrong.

  • blueberry (author) said:

    you’re cleaning up your life that’s more important then what others think

  • discord71 (author) said:

    I’d think it would be a sin for you not to go..God bless you…

  • Oscar (author) said:

    how can i answer this, your question contradicts the last sentence of your extra details.

  • DavidNH (author) said:

    Well, consider the alternative, addition to heroin. I won’t say that methadone is a good drug to be addicted to, but it’s use is permitted by the government.

    No. It’s not a sin.

  • In Christ's service (author) said:

    Only if you say your cleaning up your life and in reality you are just pretending to. Because that would be a lie. If you are sincere in straightening up your bad habits. Good for you!

  • PAUL NEWMAN IS STILL DEAD (author) said:

    You have to put your battle with drug addiction first. Sod the Bible, Methadone is proven to give some help to recover heroin addicts. Pull yourself together and put your life first – Unless you would like to end up back on the smack and taking an overdose.

  • Rev.Michelle (author) said:

    No if it helping, later on God may ask you to stop but until he tells ignore the nay sayers!

  • Just wondering (author) said:

    No it’s not a sin to be on a methadone programme. There is a better substitute to methadone now you should ask your doctor about getting onto the subutex programme.

  • Susan B (author) said:

    no it’s not a sin . good for you wanting to get help for your self the is a program call reformer unions it a faith base christin program they can help you too but no it’s not a sin god bless you. psalm119:115 depart from me, ye evildoers; for I will keep the commandments of my god. also 117: hold thou me up , and i shall be safe: and i will respect unto thy statutes continually. just a few word of engorgement

  • xylocopa, resurrected (author) said:

    Treating addiction to heroin with methadone is like treating addiction to Scotch with Bourbon.

  • moi (author) said:

    i think trying to clean up your life is admirable. i’m trying to do the same. i mean clean up my life from other addictions. good luck.

  • qtpie20121 (author) said:

    Hello, I am a Christian and I am an MMT patient & Advocate. As Christians we struggle with a great sense of guilt when we suffer from addiction and a lot of this stems from societies opinion that addiction is not a disease but a moral flaw. Addiction has been scientifically proven to be a disease. Knowing this, would you believe it were a sin to be treated for say….diabetes? Of course not. Another problem is that Methadone treatment has been viewed as a way to stay “legally addicted”. As an MMT patient yourself I am sure you realize this another myth of society. Nobody ever questions that going to a 12 Step based program is a sin. That is because people lack education about MMT & as patients I feel it is our responsibility to educate them. If addiction is a disease then it will respond to treatment the same as any other non-curable yet treatable chronic disease. Using diabetes again to compare…
    Diabetes is a disease….Addiction is a disease.
    Some people can treat their diabetes with diet and exercize (no medication is needed)…Some people can treat their addiction with NA meetings and Abstinence detox (No medications are needed)
    Some diabetica can use medication for a short time but then control their symptoms with diet and exercize. Some addicts can treat their disease with Methadone or Subutex (short term tx version) for awhile and then control it with meetings or counseling.
    Yet, there are some diabetics who have to be on insulin for life but while this is an inconvenience it is just part of their life and the only way they can treat their diabetes because there is no cure. There are some addicts who have to be on Methadone or Suboxone for life but while this is an inconvenience it is just part of their life and the only way they can treat their addiction because there is no cure. This also has a lot to do with the damage done to the endorphin system in some long term addicts. Sorry for the long explanation but I feel if you understand it in these terms it makes it easier to see how there is no way MMT could be viewed as a sin. I don’t feel God thinks of addiction as a sin. It is the sinful things we do in order to maintain our addiction that leads us away from him. I hope this helped. I rededicated my life after going to MMT. That was 2 years ago. I had been addicted to pain pills for 10 years prior after a motorcycle accident left me with a back injury. My life was saved by the grace of God, the support of my family, and MMT. I have a wonderful life as a recovering addict & I hope the same for you! God Bless you on your journey to recovery.

  • Rachel Gonzales- Sanchez said:

    I just want to say thank you to qtpie20121 You’re words are a big help in supporting anyone who is on MMT or considering MMT.I started using at an extremly young age and didn’t get clean until my late twenties.Today I am happy to say I am a recovering addict of over 12 years with the help of God and MMT. I had tried everything countless rehabs, jail not by choice of course, NA which I still read their literature and MMT was the only thing that worked for me. I know that alot of society still thinks MMT is only another form of addiction but for me it is what allowed me to come back to life and actually live life eachday instead of just existing which is what we are in active addiction we aren’t living we are just existing. I am a whole person today. I am a real mom to my kids whom I adore, I was able to go back to school and finish up my education. I have a good paying job, I own a home, I have a vehicle of my own, I pay my taxes and all these things I do now legal an legit. LOL! No but seriously I’ve been able to accomplish all of this because of the availability of MMT. I walk out each morning and thank god for my recovery and for this crazy ride he’s taken me on that’s made me the person I am today.

  • Theresa Remke said:

    I have been on Methadone for 14 years after being addicted to heroine and other drugs for more than 25 years. This is the only thing that has kept me sober and living a normal life. I had been thru detox and traditional tx 4 times and could not remain clean. I have been sober since my first dose of Methadone. I also use the tools I was given while I was in treatment and thru N/A. My main concern is this, I am getting older and Methadone thru a clinic is not cheap (I know it’s cheaper than street drugs). I am very worried about how I will be able to keep paying for it when I have to retire. It will not be affordable when I start drawing SSI. Know anyway to get an RX for Methadone thru a primary care physician? The drug itself is very inexpensive but thru a clinic you are paying for the overhead and the salaries of the clinic staff. After years of Methadone tx I don’t really see the need to have to pay for counciling I no longer recieve. I also get bi-weekly take homes. I need to find a cheaper way to stay on the Methadone. Anyone have any suggestions? I have been told by several of the clinic MD’s that I will probably be a “lifer” (One who needs methadone the rest of thier lives) since I have been on it so long and the length of my drug abuse history. Any suggestions are welcome.

  • Redroses said:

    Methadone is the best. It helps with pain and also keeps you off of other opld drugs. Hang in there. It will help you in a way you have never been helped.

  • angeleyes said:

    To Theresa Remke: I have been on MMT for 30 yrs. I go once a month to pick up 27 doses of Methadone…the cost is $15.00 a day which comes out to $420.00 every 28 days….I don’t know what I am going to do when my husband retires because he pays for this and my SS check will just about cover that…I don’t know how I will be able to pay my other bills…I am tired of hearing people say u would spend more then that if u were buying drugs….well I haven’t spent a penny on any drugs every since I got on methadone in Feb 1980….it is not fair that I have to go to a clinic to get medication that i have been on for 30 yrs without dirty urines…doctors still treat me like a addict after 30 yrs of being without illegal drugs….I have done so much with my life but no clinic is willing to detox me now after 30 yrs…I am considered a “lifer”…I wish I could help u…I don’t know where u live but if u send me ur email address I will be glad to get in touch with u and try to find some solutions together…I am 59 yr old female…living in Florida…I don’t know of any doctors who prescrible methadone from their ofc for opiate addiction just pain management….I am on what they consider “Medical maintenace” because I need it now for medical reasons …I have gone past the point of no return as far as getting off methadone….days turn into months, months into yrs, yrs into decades….so sad but I am alive because of it

  • ANGIE said:


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