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13 December 2009 22 Comments
GrecoAlbo68 asked:

unbelieveabley miserable morning, that never seemed to end! All in all, that part turned out very positive on my part, and I made out alot. Started with a urine (1 of 90), then an unscheduled counselor meeting, a pill count (of my klonooins) and STILL 41 people ahead of me. THWN computer dies, no takehomes till its fixed, (i get 14 on this part. day) eventually it works, i go home 96 minutes after U=I arrived. GREAT SUCCES … methadone clinics. holiday takehomes. day before holiday. clinic …

predictions have come true


  • BeavisNacho (author) said:

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    let me know when you can, mine really effed me over too !!!

  • rsjm021 (author) said:

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    U woudnt belive the shit my sisters meth prog did to her 2day.I will fill u in later cuz Im pissed right now.

  • rsjm021 (author) said:

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    what do u get bottle or pills?I feek ya on this bS.

  • smoke442200 (author) said:

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    hahaha. wow bro, you just made my day. I had a long ass day myself, just got home and popped up the youtube to see what i could find. i totally feel ya. im also a methadonian. shits craazzy. but keep it real, peace.

  • capone7182 (author) said:

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    acually go look at phillies profile he gots shit loads of vids of jimmy hendrix metallica and all them fuckin ppl r addicts so u dont hate us that much you fuckin dumb ass jimmy dead heroin james hatfeild in recovery a few times for coke heroin and boose and still is going through it 25 years later so go suck a 6 year olds dick and shut your cum catcher

  • capone7182 (author) said:

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    philliesfan i hope you die in the ally where u suck cock at fagget fuck i guess we all cant be perfect like u everyone has some addiction and i bet my life on it u do to so what is it r u a fat fuck luvs food pervert loves kiddies smoke cigs drink beer drink caffine coffee i there is not a person on here thats not addicted to somthing weather it pussy tv or scratchin your fuckin sack in your sleep so take a look in the mirror before you run your cocksucker cause u cant fuck with this addict

  • readynow12345 (author) said:

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    Dude you are flying, give me some of that shit DAM..

  • mikeandcooper (author) said:

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    whats yer problem man!!! id like to see you try to get between me and my smack.
    i hope yer from philly and i run into you one day. that would be sweet

  • enzzthefink (author) said:

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    lay off the xannies

  • 555mono (author) said:

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    omg you rule…

  • GrecoAlbo68 (author) said:

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    wow dude. i think you need a shot. why such anger? why watch the video? be kool bro.

  • philliesfan1974 (author) said:

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    you fucking junkies are pieces of shit i hope u fucks die in the alley where u score ur heroin u scumbag motherfuckers

  • DaManzMoney (author) said:

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    Ya it gets better the longer u are there I only go once a week to pick up my methadone for the week and the clinic I go to is civil like a doctors office any more questions u can ask me

  • maple2609 (author) said:

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    so do you stil get a buzz on your dose? im thinking of going from suboxone to methadone possibly in the future.. So after a certain point you only have to go to the clinic twice a month rather than everyday? thanks for the info.

  • Methadone4Life (author) said:

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    Wow..thats nothing like my clinic nor the people that attend. My clinic is strict and while there are a few people who look like the hard life has taken a toll on them..not a lot. Just normal people struggling with a disease that mainstream society has no idea about.

  • mckenziie1911 (author) said:

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    You are cute lol! i look forward to hearing the next rant!

  • GrecoAlbo68 (author) said:

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    dont mind this video. im ripped on a doube DONE cone. But it WAS fuckin madness.

  • Starbright4876 (author) said:

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    U got lucky the shit was fixed..

  • Starbright4876 (author) said:

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    That lady is mad cool..I luv seeing her she cracks me up! I had to sit there to see “Carrie” Kings of Queens a few days ago & was crackin up..I was listening to these 2 dudes talkin bout their all night crack smokin party..Another chick chimed in & said “Why you wastin peoples time here if you just wanna smoke crack & shoot dope?” They went on about “Fuck this place, fuck these people, BLAH BLAH BLAH” I hate that shit cuz this is life or death for me..

  • GrecoAlbo68 (author) said:

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    it was 9:17am, and I was there actually since 6am. i have no right to rant just felt like it. i only go twice a month. 120mg a day.you know people like me gotta btch about shit cuz its all we got in our lives! I go twice a month, and i think im gonna do a monthly report, this next time, dec 26., i gotta give a urine, have my pills (klonopins) counted, and pick up my 13 bottles. so ill be bitchin about every step of the way!!! HAH! its all in humor, i dont mean it seriously.

  • mckenziie1911 (author) said:

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    hehe you are so funny! …what dose are you at to be ranting and raving like this!

  • GrecoAlbo68 (author) said:

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    i was high as fuck on methadone during this video. not sure why it hit me this way….. same dose for years

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