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23 December 2009 12 Comments

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  • bombnom (author) said:


    I’ve been on and off opiates for the past 9 years(methadone for the past 11 months) The best way to kick is to dive right in. Go about 2 days with nothing, then do a moderate dose for a little releif. Dive in again then take a smaller dose. Finally try to swith to suboxone (if available) or even hydrocodone for the final push. You need about two weeks to agonize and lie in bed. You’ll have a constant cold sweat and will sleep very little but the physical part will be over..for the most part. LOL

  • vechnopyani (author) said:

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    methadone high very subtle, but all the more brutal for that. Belly of the beast is right. A warning if you’re planning to come off: normal life is shit and at least with methadone it’s OK. I’ve been off methadone for 5 months now, but want to go back on all the time. On methadone you have something to look forward to in the day.

  • aarongoodrich99 (author) said:

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    I agree, Methadone is very addictive. I shot dope for 6 years and have detoxed many times and am just now starting to try methadone. I have been on it for two months now i am at 120 mgs. This isnt for people who take vics or tabs. People be CAREFUL you can really hurt yourself. Methadone can be stronger than chicago p dope….

  • phuckingemailmehere (author) said:

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    and i have a huge tolerance i can take 100mcg fentanyl patch sublingually at once, and i got addicted to lortab percocet and methadone and thats what got me in the clinic. and you are shocked that someone dopesick as fuck on vicodin doesnt deserve treatment/??

  • phuckingemailmehere (author) said:

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    some people are taking several hundred mg of hydrocodone and yes they do need methadone. opiates all grip your ass hard even hydrocodones. They go through w/d just as hard as someone on morphine would since hydrocodone is a derivitive of morphine. i was on methadone for 3 years 2 years at 120mg but i went down to 30mg switched to suboxone and i relapsed a lot a low doses of done. coming off methadone is the worst w/d i have ever experienced period. good luck i went down 5mg amonthon dones

  • Rockwell210 (author) said:

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    never felt so happy in my life. Till one day, my mother started yelling my name and my Brother passedaway from an H OD. Well I wish i could say I stopped at that Peace

  • Rockwell210 (author) said:

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    I was on painkillers for about 2 years till one day they stopped working. Well I moved on to bigger things like H and I

  • EmmertBowl814 (author) said:

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    I totally agree. No way should someone on a lesser opiate (vicodin,etc), be a methadone maintenance patient.

  • DebbieD said:

    I have been on all the painkillers out there. I was switched to Methadone about 10-15 years ago. I really do want to get off this drug. My doctor thinks that going down 2 pills a month will do the trick. I take 60mg per day. I am so afraid off the withdrawals. I wish I knew the correct way to wean of this drug

  • jenna said:

    Hi, I\’m 28 with a similar story. I am currently on day 11 and still am sick girl! I have percs and colodidine to hold me through which didn\’t so tried suboxone and helped zero although I only tried 1 pill and three times within 4 days. Sucks Ass ! Just od (jk) on some reg percs and something to sleep. Good man maybe too but other then that I\’m sorry I\’m not done yet and like I said 11 days later. It\’s 3 am can\’t sleep my head hurts so bad I haven\’t slept at all today. Otherwise I\’m asleep one hour to awaken with bursts of vibration through my appendages that makes my bp rise and my breathing. Like scared but sick and I\’m so fucking done with being ill. I have no urge to use or to use subs bcuz I hearits another scam plus ten dollars. Pill with my zero insurance I am considering to purchase a few though to see if I need two. Well see. Because I cannot afford it and honestly even sick as I am I\’m happy. Never laughed so much. I love myan because he\’s so perfect when all the while I was on methadone I hated him n could barely tolerate him. I am looking forward to one day being complete as a sober normal 28 yo ex 10 yr methadone user. I went to clinics which if you want to work forget that hell whole. I have Dr scripts the whole nine until Fla stopped most of that. Well its hell but I hope you get off and never look back. Xo

  • sarah said:

    I have been on methadone for six years now and I desperately want to get off of it but I am scared to death. I am on a high dose. The methadone clinic was great for me in the beginning but now I feel like Im just strung out on another drug. Methadone treatment isnt a bad idea but it definately needs a lot of changes. They could handle it a lot better. Most of the time it seems like a legal drug dealer. I am greatful for everything ive learned but now i just dont know how to get off of it.

  • Slam said:

    Ok, I\’ve been at a methadone maintenance clinic for nine years. Was on 165mgs started on xanax due to bad divorce, lost my house of 20 yrs.,hair fell out, blah blah. Anyway, I want off this stuff but cant find a dr. to prescribe it! I cant afford the clinic anymore and I finally have insurance and would be the happiest day of my life if I could find one. I\’ve spent countless hours on this computer looking. I will say to anyone who is looking for a way out of addiction misery from pills to heroin, DO NOT go to methadone!!! Go to a Suboxone doc.They will give you a script, you only have to go every 2 wks. and they dont try to keep you on the stuff forever.My problem is coming off the methadone enuf to go to suboxone. Any suggestions?

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