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Addiction and Methadone: An Overview
[9 May 2011 | No Comment | ]

A drug with an addictive potential is one with which it is easy to form a habit of using. Opiates are popular examples of such drugs. They produce a euphoric high followed by a crash. This high is found desirable in users most of whom are depressed. Continuous use of opiates leads to continual craving and thus addiction. While opiate addiction is an expensive habit, getting off such drugs can be quite difficult for a number of reasons. To help addicts recover faster, methadone was introduced.
Methadone itself is an opioid. …

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I’ve recently been prescribed suboxone for my addiction to heroin. I’m just wondering about the success rate?
[16 Feb 2010 | 4 Comments | ]

This drug is new to me. I haven’t heard much about it. The only things that I do know about it are the things I have read on the internet. I am willing to give it a chance. I’ve been on methadone program before and it worked. It just became too expensive. I was able to get off methadone and kept clean for 4 months.
Unfortunately, I recently relapsed. My new doctor only prescribes suboxone for heroin addicts. This is my second week on my medication, and isn’t working the same …

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[13 Feb 2010 | 10 Comments | ]

I have been taking Nyquil for about a year and a half. I started when I quit a terrible hydrocodone addiction 15-17 pills a day for about 2 years. I started on the methadone program but still felt I needed something to sleep. What I’m going to clarify in this particular article include the solutions which I discovered helped me get by way of one with the toughest problems I experienced to go through in my life, and accept it not, it genuinely wasn’t that bad.

Whenever a close family …

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[11 Feb 2010 | 4 Comments | ]

I am on methadone at the Discovery House in Bangor, they make me bring in my scheduled prescriptions twice a month so they can count them. I do not like doing this as ppl. Who are not really trying to recover from addiction know that you have something scheduled because they see them counting the pills. Then lot of people asks to buy them and it’s very annoying and uncomfortable.

They make us have locked boxes to take methadone off the property why should we have to take out prescriptions from …

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My husband is on a methadone maintenance program. But, he sleeps all the time, is this normal?
[27 Jan 2010 | 2 Comments | ]

He has been on Methadone for about 4 months. But, all he does is sleep. We work together and while at work, anytime he sits down, he goes to sleep. During lunch…he cant even eat because he is falling asleep. And, at home…oh my gosh, we cant even sit and watch TV together because he falls asleep. When he drives, he nods. To look at him, you would think he is in a drunken stooper. It is so embarrassing. Our friends and …

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Addiction my Bf goes to the methadone clinic to stay off narcotics no he is just high and addicted to methadon
[11 Jan 2010 | 10 Comments | ]

How do I get him help considering the methadone clinic is supposed to be  a treatment program. He is my fiancee and I love him. He has a son that I am now the only mom he has known.

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Jockey Kieren Fallon says racing has a drugs problem
[14 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]

Six-time champion jockey Kieren Fallon has told Inside Sport there is a drugs problem in racing and in Newmarket’s racing community in particular.
The 44-year-old is making a new start in the sport after past misdemeanours such as being banned for cocaine use.
“Newmarket has the highest rate [of drug use] for its population in any town in England,” he said.
“I know there is [a drug problem in racing]. I don’t know what can be done. I’ve done something and I’m all right.”

Asked to explain why more jockeys had not been caught …

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Can long term opiate use cause permanent damage after 4 years off them?
[25 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]

faze1crew2005 asked: Ok i am a 27 year old male from 18 to 23 i had an addiction to oxycontin i had a doctor who perscribed them to me. Around 21 i told my doctor i had a probem so she cut me short with a quick taper for the next year i went on methadone and tried to clean up my life. To no avail i decided to have rapid opiate detox done and it worked i am several years clean of any opiates. Here is the …

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Daily Definition of Irony 3
[25 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]

linnychaos asked:

I made a “Flipping Out” reference in here. This topic is about my boss and I. It’s pretty silly to both him and myself. So this is a good one. Enjoy! … Jeff Lewis Zoila Flipping Out Steven Kudelko methadone clinics addiction prescription pain pillsice addiction

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Cartoons explain danger of drugs
[22 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]

Cartoon characters are being used to highlight the dangers of misusing drugs to teenagers in Bristol and Somerset.
Two short animations tell the story of four friends who start using drugs then find their lives on different paths.
The films, developed by Avon and Somerset Police, were shown at the Association of Chief Police Officers drugs conference.
“We want to show that drugs are not glamorous …