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[21 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]

Just after starting a Methadone preservation plan, there is certainly hardly any work to get narcotics customers alcohol free by having a methadone detoxing method in spite of the fact the physical and mental adverse reactions of Methadone can  be extremely harmful, not forgetting the mental side effect from the medicine. And also being made as a high-impact agony reducer, Methadone can also be recommended as a substitute for strong drugs.
Very truthfully, this really is also known as man-made or artificial narcotics, and it is execution as a substitute …

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Why You Shouldn’t Quit Cold-Turkey
[17 Jun 2011 | No Comment | ]

People who decide to quit opiates cold-turkey often overrate their determination. Things will soon get pretty bleak. Most people who decide to quit cold-turkey without professional help does not really understand how opiate addiction sets in and how a sudden, total detox can do more harm than good.

Drug addiction starts to develop a few days into regular use of opiates. It rewires the brain to recognize and seek opiates as its primary, and later sole, source of pleasure and excitation. The opioid receptors in the brain are constantly stimulated and …

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How Detox Works?
[11 May 2011 | No Comment | ]

The first step towards drug addiction is the first euphoria experienced with drug use. Opiates are notorious for this effect. Whether natural or synthetic, street-obtained or prescription drugs, opiates give users addictive highs of different degrees. The craving for this euphoria keeps addict on such drugs. More and more, their bodies develop tolerance towards these drugs and higher doses are required to produce the same level of euphoria.
Apart from the addiction itself, opiates leave a lot of toxins in the body. In its bid to eliminate these drugs, the body …

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Know any resources for methadone? I'm almost panic stricken?
[21 Jan 2010 | 3 Comments | ]

The only 2 methadone clinics in Indiana are 80 miles round trip for me. I have to drive there every day. That’s $20 gas everyday right off the bat. Then, the medication costs $12 a day. That’s $896 a month. I can’t afford it. I can’t cold-turkey it either. I’ve tried for 8 years. Can anyone offer me any help or suggestions?

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HELP! I am a vicodin addict am starting a methadone clinic?
[15 Jan 2010 | 2 Comments | ]

i have been on klonopin for about 5 years. in order to be in the clinic i s had to stop cold turkey 6 days ago. I am sooooo sick. ive never been this sick in my entire life. im having skipped heart beats,sweats,shocks,tunnel vision….. it just goes on and on. im no stranger to pain or anxiety- ive been getting blood clots for 18 years, thats why i started the vicodin. i have no excuse why i abused it. it didnt work as well, i was getting 240 a …

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Re: sasha ty for your reply?
[6 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]

tom asked: My doctor gave me all the meds. My parents are helping me also. Ty for your reply. I originally got on methadone from pain killers. Ive had several surgeries on my arm and shoulder. The pain killers just stopped working so i went to methadone. I’ve never been one to chase the high. I just dont want to hurt. I became reliant over time. I dont crave the methadone like most but i do know it will make me feel better so thats why i took it the …

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Need advice?
[7 Nov 2009 | One Comment | ]

pregwit2 asked: I was put on methadone when i found out i was pregnant and in dtox due to being addicted to pain killers.While trying to go which i thought would be detox they informed me that i would have to go on methadone maintenance cuz opiat withdrawal could be fatal to babies.Now its 8 mo later and I’m still on maintance and my boyfriend is giving me a hard time saying its time to get off of it.he wants me to do it cold turkey and once before i …

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why is'nt there help for smokers like there is for drug addicts,the free methadone clinics.allwe git is pample
[23 Oct 2009 | 4 Comments | ]

dougsc950 asked: all smokers get from the goverment is free freakin pamplets on how to stop smoking cold turkey,patches,or now the laser.the holyer than thou’s allways throw up the tired old YOU GOT TO HAVE WILL POWER.all we get is the same ol crap about you started you should put in your mind to stop.the goverment admits the phyc and physical addictions but we are not law breaking dopers so all we get is crap on paperpure moods

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Does methadone really help with heroin withdrawals?
[7 Sep 2009 | One Comment | ]

manuel m asked: Well im a 17th year old junkie yeah i know i started doing heroin at the age of 13 well i been trough it all rehabs, mental hospitals, juvie, streets, homeless, ok i was sober for about 1 year and a half till this thanksgiving that just passed i relapsed for a stupid reason well since then i have not stop and i am hocked again i was snorting it but now im blasting it and i do get “Malia’s” slang for withdrawals i do two …