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[22 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]

In accordance with the latest reports, about One out of every 10 Americans misuse one of these simple drugs sooner or later in their lifetime, contributing to One out of 30 moves through opiate drug detox at least one time. Opiate drugs consist of heroine, morphine, codeine, methadone, as well as other doctor prescribed painkillers such as Dilaudid, Vicodin, and Oxycontin. Of all unlawful prescription drugs, opiates would be the simplest to get hooked on, and they’ve the sharpest raises in building up a tolerance.
It’s easy to turn into dependent …

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Vitamins Help in Methadone Maintenance
[15 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]

Methadone can be an artificial opiate with the attributes just like organic opiates for example opium, morphine and narcotics. Extended utilization of opiates leads to patience, and both equally psychological and physical addictions to the opiate side effects. Scientific tests have stated that opiate dependency is really a continual, ongoing illness in the human brain that presently there is absolutely no identified remedy. Methadone Preservation Treatment is regarded as the thoroughly analyzed and preferred.

Methadone is definitely an orally carried out medicine which may be substituted with other opiates that are …

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Beyond Methadone: Support Therapies in Methadone Maintenance Programs
[18 Jun 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

Opiate addiction and recovery programs go beyond mere drug use and intervention. Apart from the methadone has given at methadone clinics, recovery addicts should have other forms of care. The emotional and psychological aspects of addiction are just as important as the opiates themselves and if they are addressed during recovery the chances of relapse can be drastically reduced.

The root cause of opiate addiction has been never mere experimentation with drugs. Often, an addict starts out trying to numb his pain. Such pain can be physical (the chief reason for …

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How Detox Works?
[11 May 2011 | No Comment | ]

The first step towards drug addiction is the first euphoria experienced with drug use. Opiates are notorious for this effect. Whether natural or synthetic, street-obtained or prescription drugs, opiates give users addictive highs of different degrees. The craving for this euphoria keeps addict on such drugs. More and more, their bodies develop tolerance towards these drugs and higher doses are required to produce the same level of euphoria.
Apart from the addiction itself, opiates leave a lot of toxins in the body. In its bid to eliminate these drugs, the body …

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What You Should Know About Heroin and Methadone Withdrawal?
[4 Apr 2011 | No Comment | ]
What You Should Know About Heroin and Methadone Withdrawal?

People with heroin addiction are constantly seeking means to overcome their pains. Such pain can be physical and/or emotional. Heroin serves this purpose because it is a strong painkiller capable of not only eliminating bodily pain but also mental pain and psychological stress. In truth, heroin numbs the body by acting at the receptors signaling responses associated with pain. The use of methadone as a maintenance anti-addictive is so as to reduce the dependence on heroin.
Methadone is an opioid which although chemically different from the opiates, heroin and morphine, acts …

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Advice about drug addiction?
[14 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]

Hi my name is Micky. I had a severe drinking problem and last November decided to go to rehab. After being in rehab for a few days, I met a wonderful lady who was only going through the detox part of the time. When she left detox after one week, I remained in rehab, and we started seeing each other.
After leaving rehab I moved in with her. After about a month we started snorting oxycontin then six months later doing needles, just me and her. We finally ended up getting …

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Jockey Kieren Fallon says racing has a drugs problem
[14 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]

Six-time champion jockey Kieren Fallon has told Inside Sport there is a drugs problem in racing and in Newmarket’s racing community in particular.
The 44-year-old is making a new start in the sport after past misdemeanours such as being banned for cocaine use.
“Newmarket has the highest rate [of drug use] for its population in any town in England,” he said.
“I know there is [a drug problem in racing]. I don’t know what can be done. I’ve done something and I’m all right.”

Asked to explain why more jockeys had not been caught …

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Ketamine drug use 'harms memory'
[19 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]

Frequent use of ketamine – a drug popular with clubbers – is being linked with memory problems, researchers say.
The University College London team carried out a range of memory and psychological tests on 120 people.
They found frequent users performed poorly on skills such as recalling names, conversations and patterns.
Previous studies said the drug might cause kidney and bladder damage. The London team and charity …