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An Overview of Vivitrol in the Management of Opiate Addiction
[31 May 2011 | One Comment | ]
An Overview of Vivitrol in the Management of Opiate Addiction

The FDA’s approval of Vivitrol for the management of opiate addiction represents an important milestone in the public health policy regarding drug abuse. Vivitrol was first approved for the treatment of alcohol addiction in the US in 2006 and has demonstrated its efficacy in controlled studies for addicts hooked on opiates like heroin and morphine as well as prescription drugs such as oxycodone.
Vivitrol is the third drug approved to help addicts overcome their opiate addictions. The others are methadone and suboxone. Methadone is the oldest drug used in the treatment …

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A Quick Guide To Opiate Addiction
[10 May 2011 | No Comment | ]

Opiates are not new. They have been here for ages and so is the scourge of opiate addiction. The name is derived from opium, a poppy plant. The major opiates are morphine, codeine and heroin. Of these, morphine and heroin are the ones commonly used by addicts. Apart from these plant-derived opiates, there are synthetic opioids. These are opiate-like drugs which are derivatives of the core opiate molecules. Examples of such are Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Hydromorphone, Methadone, Darvon and Demerol. Opiates and, by extension, synthetic opioids are primarily analgesics. They are …

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Addiction and Methadone: An Overview
[9 May 2011 | No Comment | ]

A drug with an addictive potential is one with which it is easy to form a habit of using. Opiates are popular examples of such drugs. They produce a euphoric high followed by a crash. This high is found desirable in users most of whom are depressed. Continuous use of opiates leads to continual craving and thus addiction. While opiate addiction is an expensive habit, getting off such drugs can be quite difficult for a number of reasons. To help addicts recover faster, methadone was introduced.
Methadone itself is an opioid. …

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[8 Feb 2010 | 4 Comments | ]

I have become a Tramadol addict i need at least 500mg a day or I feel sick, get cold sweats, and extreme depression, going to private clinic tomorrow to start methadone program, starting with the lowest dose, I know that it usually is for people coming off heroin, but if I do not get on the methadone I will end o.d. at home. Sorry have asked similar ques. before, anyone have any, comments, advice, experience, with either of the evils?

Tramadol addiction takes place when the individual using the medicine …

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Since I cannot reverse time from heroin what do I do now?
[8 Feb 2010 | 13 Comments | ]

I am on the methadone program and have been clean and sober for 1 year 11 months and two days, until Sunday evening that is. Now I did not use down which is good, but I did use meth. For what reason I do not know, or I do not know if I know. What I do not know is what to do now. My idiot side feels like ‘oh well I used so maybe I should just keep on using’, but then the practicable side says to just keep …

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Can one go to a methadone treatment center because he (or she) is addicted to methadone? ?
[21 Jan 2010 | One Comment | ]

I have a friend that is addicted to methadone, but buys it off the street. Do clinics consider these applicants? Or do they only accept people addicted to other drugs? (Oxycontin, heroin, cocaine, etc.)

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Liver enzymes too high for Suboxone?
[29 Dec 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

I recently detoxed from heroin and at first I was given Methadone but since I couldn’t afford the daily clinic and heard many horrible things about it I opted to take the Suboxone.
They started giving me Suboxone in the hospital, where they also diagnosed me with acute Hep C. I was discharged and referred to an outside doctor who I saw the same day.
After many hours spent waiting in the doctor’s office he told me that the “enzymes in my liver were too high” and that he couldn’t give …

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Substance Abuse?
[16 Nov 2009 | One Comment | ]

asked: Does anyone have any info on programs that cold help w detox? Most specifically rapid detox but beggars aint choosers, right?!;-) I was using heroin for about six years and then met someone that I started buying their methadone take-homes off of them once a week. Now I am using approx 150 mils of meth every other day. I NEED/ WANT to be clean. BUT, no insurance and no money makes help VERYscarce. If non existent. I am so worth the …

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What do I do from here? Serious answers only.please?
[6 Nov 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

sicofitall325 asked: I found out that my bf who claimed he was clean from heroin for about a year before he met me has been using on and off the whole time and really gave into it since November. Since then, we have been in debt, ive been having severe anxiety attacks, and he has even stolen money from me not to mention loads from his mother to supply his habit. I only found out that he was using a few weeks ago because he hid it all very well …

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A Question about my problems?
[3 Nov 2009 | 6 Comments | ]

Kurt C asked: I was on Methadone for 3 years and I slowly detoxed myself off.The Last time I did any methadone was my last day at the clintic on Thanksgiving 07.I was doing fine for about two weeks then,I started to think about all of the messed up things I used to do when I was on Heroin.And it really got to me bad.I found and old bottle of paxil about 30 days worth and I started to take one a day,they made me feel alittle bit better,but then …