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Stuff I need to know about "Suboxone"?
[26 Nov 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

JASON B asked: I have an appt. Mon(its Wed/night) to hopefully start w/ suboxone treatment. I have abused opiates for about 13 yrs. Been to rehab a couple of times to detox off of Oxy’s. Stayed clean a couple of months then right back on them. For the last 3 months, I have been strictly taking methadone(about 60 to 80 mgs/day). I reckon my question is… what should i tell my doctor? Should i stop using methadone tonight? i’ve read that you can’t start suboxone if you have methodone in …

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i am trying to find out if blue cross blue shield covers methadone clinics? Please Help?
[17 Oct 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

lrrl0116 asked: I am having trouble getting a hold of them, you know all that automateed stuff i can never choose the best answer. What is the differance between a group plan and an individual plan?dating relationships advice

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Why am I not getting through?
[12 Oct 2009 | 9 Comments | ]

porchpup552003 asked: Why am I begging for assistance recovering from meth addiction and being ignored?.?
Like it is real and so am I. And I know there are methadone clinics for heroin users, HELLO IT IS 2007 AND iCE IS HERE and moving through every city, takes no prisoners, i have smoked crack for 4 yrs and put it down, this stuff has me, I need help, I have child!!!!prophecies

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How long does liquid methadone have to stay in your stomach to make sure your body absorbs it?
[6 Oct 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

simplycurious.girl asked: I just recently started on Methadone as treatment for prescription pain pill addiction. Every morning I go into the clinic, drink 50 MG of liquid methadone. The stuff makes me pretty nauseous but until this morning, I’ve been able to hold it down for hours before getting sick. This morning, I took my dose, and left the building without waiting. I believe it stayed down for about 20 minutes. My fear is that my body might not have absorbed it and that I’ll …

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Aside from methadone, are there other medications used in drug treatment programs in Belton, Texas?
[17 Aug 2009 | One Comment | ]

dayana v asked: My sister, who has been addicted to heroin, really has to get herself treated. I have read stuff about methadone being addictive too. I’m just worried that my sister might get addicted to this too. Are there any other available treatments that are less risky?methadone heroin

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I was using pain pills. I am on methadone treat 40mg a day for a lil over a month. how bad would withdraws be?
[7 Aug 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

Bob asked: I have chronic pain problems. I have been on pain pills for over 8 years now off and on. It got really bad about 10 months ago. I was in pain managment and buying more pills off the street. I was taking about 80 – 150mg of codien a day. either vicodin 7.5/750, vicodin 5/350, percocet 10/350, and morphine er called opana i think something a long the name of that I took 5mg ER 2x a day. I started buying more …