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What is the laws on Prescription pill counts at Methadone Clinics?

11 February 2010 4 Comments

I am on methadone at the Discovery House in Bangor, they make me bring in my scheduled prescriptions twice a month so they can count them. I do not like doing this as ppl. Who are not really trying to recover from addiction know that you have something scheduled because they see them counting the pills. Then lot of people asks to buy them and it’s very annoying and uncomfortable.

They make us have locked boxes to take methadone off the property why should we have to take out prescriptions from other doctors in the clinic, and why do they feel the need to count them. I tried to take in the printout that the pharmacy gives me but they said they wanted to count them.

If i didn’t comply i would be terminated from the program. I am talking about prescriptions that i get from my psychiatrist, like Klonopin and Adderal because i also have mental illness. Hey heath put that in your pipe and smoke it, not only am i an addict but i am mentally ill from years of abuse at the hands of MEN in my family and MEN in general, is that my fault too, will you cry me a river now? Were you abused your whole life, molested by a couple at age 8, beat by your own drunk father every day, abandoned by your mother, before you go running your mouth you should get all the facts,! Is it my fault i was molested? Raped? Abused and cant deal with the pain so i used drugs to take it away, you are a pompous jerk and bad Karma will come your way if you keep judging people. You could get hurt tomorrow and get addicted to pain meds, i wouldn’t wish that on anyone but i wont cry you a river either as i wasn’t asking you too for me. Oh and by the way i pay for my methadone at 100.00 per week so i can stay clean, so im getting nothing for free,

Occasionally whenever a medical doctor does recommend a drug, it really is unlawful to do this. As an example, if your physician writes a prescription for lots of tablets – often understanding that they will be resold or realizing that the total amount is too much medication for any individual affected person – that too could be a criminal offense.

Some states have laws and regulations which makes it against the law that you should be in possessing your own personal prescription medications under certain situations. Most states have laws and regulations making it unlawful to hold around supplements that aren’t into their tagged prescribed bottle.

Quite simply, if you’re carrying tablets that the health professional prescribed for you, however, you make them loose in your wallet or bag, which is unlawful. The assumption is that you simply are holding them in this manner to enable you to disperse them.


  • KHILCHEY said:

    which clinic are you at in Bangor? Is this Maine?

    Please go to http://www.armme.wordpress.com. ARM-Maine is an organization that fights for the rights of people on methadone in Maine.

    The clinic is making you a target for theft, robbery or prescription loss by making you bring them in–your doctor who supplies them should be the one who decides if you need them to be counted or not!

  • heath_ledger's_salad (author) said:

    Nobody forced you to be a drug addict, so stop whining and deal with the consequences.

    Besides, you’re still getting a regular supply of narcotics, so forgive me if I don’t cry rivers of sympathy for you.

  • kphelps2012 (author) said:

    BTW, to the jerk who posted before if you don’t have something positive to add keep your pie hole shut! Nobody chooses to become an addict and it can happen to anyone …even you! Anyway, I wish I could tell you it will get better but I am afraid for those of us in treatment it is only getting worse because of the anti-methadone groups and theose who do divert from clinics and don’t want to get clean. I have never heard of a clinic in the US that allows a prescription to be filled for addiction. Are you in Bangor Maine? Or are you in Australia? That makes more sense I believe they do it that way. Anyway, my clinic has counts also but we recieve all our meds at the clinic, we buy our own lock box, we never know when a count is coming, and our pills our diluted in water (most clinics have liquid). It is a pain but part of it I am afraid. I don’t think we deserve it like the bum before me said but it is better than before. Anyway, they call you the morning of the count (most do it 24hours in advance)if you dont show you are set back a phase. 3 no shows and you are out. So things are tough all over.

  • mdelmar said:

    sorry but the narcotics have to be accounted for if that’s a problem then wean off them

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